NO Typhoid Shots!!!!!!!!!

August 6, 2009 rixgal
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lala and zaza 

Lala and a little girl from Mexico….. something like Zaza will look like!

No Typhoid shots is very good news…… to be exact…. $525 worth of good news.  I had a chat with our case worker, Beth, yesterday.  She answered some of my 3 bazillion questions(that I could remember while on the phone.)  I’m sure she probably checked how old I am when we hung up…..    he he he.  There were several noteworthy tidbits that were promising to us:

1.  No typhoid shots needed!  And all the Crosbys said…. “AMEN!”

2.  Very few adoptions have happened lately out of Bogota.  Which means, Zaza is most likely in a different region…. which is GOOD!  They are usually two weeks quicker processing the court documents… AND it’s cheaperto stay anywhere other than Bogota.  (No matter what region Zaza is in, we still have to stay the last week in Bogota for the US Embassy dealings.)  This also translates to less room/board expenses while in Colombia.  Yeah!

3.  We find out our new wait number after the 3rd week of August.

4.  There is a longer preparation time than I was originally told from when we accept the referral to when we travel.  That calmed my nerves quite drastically.  We will have a month to prepare to leave.

5.  No typhoid shots!!!!!!

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