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Bags for Zaza is BACK!

We are up and running again auctioning bags to help bring Zaza home.  Check it out!  Tell a friend!  Pass it on!


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New ICBF Waitlist!

ICBF Waitlist Chart June 18, 2010

(Bold means movement)

Age of Child               Approval by ICBF       Referral Wait Time
0-1 years                     October 2006            44 MONTHS
1-2 years                     October 2006             44 MONTHS
2 years                        December 2005          52 MONTHS
2 – 3 years                   May 2006                    48 MONTHS
3  years                       March 2006                51 MONTHS
3-4 years                     September 2006        45 MONTHS
4 years                        March 2006                51 MONTHS
4 -5 years                    May 2006                    48 MONTHS
5 years                        December 2008          18 MONTHS
5 – 6 years                   November 2007         31 MONTHS
6 years                        December 2009          6 MONTH
7 years                        February 2010            4 MONTHS

There has been LOTS of movement!  Good news!  We are on the 5-6 year old list, so I’m pleased to see our group showing kids going home!!!  Yeah!!!

Again, our approval date is January 2008.


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Adoption “Fun”draising

When we acted on our call to adopt a little Colombian princess, we had no idea how God would accomplish this great dream in our hearts.  We have been amazed, amused, humbled and blessed!  At the moment 82% of our funds are in, but with all international adoptions, we have one last large lump to raise.  I’ve been inspired to get Bags For Zaza rolling again.  My sister-in-law, Jennie, started it two years ago…. sewing messenger bags, purses and totes to raise money for Zaza to come home.  I believe BFZ raised over $6000!!!  Then we all got busy and overwhelmed with life and it came to a screeching halt.  I’ve been cutting out bags whilst on vacation, so I can sew when we get home!  I’ll keep you posted for upcoming auctions.

We also have been encouraged by friends and neighbors who are jumping on the bandwagon to bring our little girl home.  Our neighborhood group is scheming as well.  Wonderful friends! Please pray that God will unveil where the remainder of the adoption funds are hidden…. while we work like it depends on us, but pray and believe like we know it depends on God.

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NO Typhoid Shots!!!!!!!!!


lala and zaza 

Lala and a little girl from Mexico….. something like Zaza will look like!

No Typhoid shots is very good news…… to be exact…. $525 worth of good news.  I had a chat with our case worker, Beth, yesterday.  She answered some of my 3 bazillion questions(that I could remember while on the phone.)  I’m sure she probably checked how old I am when we hung up…..    he he he.  There were several noteworthy tidbits that were promising to us:

1.  No typhoid shots needed!  And all the Crosbys said…. “AMEN!”

2.  Very few adoptions have happened lately out of Bogota.  Which means, Zaza is most likely in a different region…. which is GOOD!  They are usually two weeks quicker processing the court documents… AND it’s cheaperto stay anywhere other than Bogota.  (No matter what region Zaza is in, we still have to stay the last week in Bogota for the US Embassy dealings.)  This also translates to less room/board expenses while in Colombia.  Yeah!

3.  We find out our new wait number after the 3rd week of August.

4.  There is a longer preparation time than I was originally told from when we accept the referral to when we travel.  That calmed my nerves quite drastically.  We will have a month to prepare to leave.

5.  No typhoid shots!!!!!!

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Bags for Zaza is Hot Pink Today!


This beautiful hot pink and lime green one-of-a-kind handmade bag ends tonight and another bag will be up soon!  This is from, our fundraiser to bring our little princess home.  Tell your friends.  Tell your relatives.  Bid. Bid. Bid!  And help bring Zaza home.

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Three posts in a row…. unbelievable.

I talked to Beth, our case worker today and actually got some hard facts!  It’s the first news we’ve heard since Feb. 2008!  And I’m not typically a patient person, so imagine the duress I’ve been under for the past 14 months!  (Not really.)  Anyway…. the bad/disappointing news is that we are still only on the 3-4 year old list.  We sent in our request to be moved to the 3-6 year old list  a few months back… but alas, our file in Bogota has not been updated to show this.  So, as this time, there are 2000 families on the 3-4 year old list and we are #155.  They are placing 10-15 children per month, so that would put us at a referral summer of 2010.  Good grief.  BUUUUT, once we are moved to the higher age bracket, the number of families decreases and our place in line (Feb. 2008) stays the same.  So our wait time will be dramatically shortened. Yippy Skippy.

As far as paperwork expiring in that time, we are good until summer of 2010.  So we shouldn’t have to refile our I600A.  We will have to update the normal finance/work/health papers so they are current when we travel.

I’m feeling the need to take a Spanish class!

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Wow! Posts Two Days in a Row!

The new list from ICBF was posted and I thought I would share.  This is copied from a GREAT blog by a mom who has adopted from Colombia, and I believe her husband is Colombian.  Her blog is:

The most recent Wait List was published by ICBF on April 8, 2009. The ICBF Wait List applies to adoptions through ICBF only — not through CASAS PRIVADAS. This list DOES NOT reflect special needs children. The definition of special needs are children with disabilities, children over 8 years of age, and sibling groups of 3 or more. There also hasn’t been a lot of movement since December, all dates that have advanced are in BOLD and RED.

Age of Child ——- Date of Application Approval by ICBF

Child 0-12 months —— Nov-2005
Child 13 – 23 months —- Nov-2005
Child 2 years ———– May-2005
Child 3 years ———– May-2005
Child 2 – 3 years ——– Mar-2006
Child 3 – 4 years ——– May-2005
Child 4 years ———– Jul-2005
Child 5 years ———– Jan-2006
Child 4 -5 years ——– Jan-2006
Child 5 – 6 years ——- May-2007
Child 6 years ———– Nov-2008
Child 7 years ———– Nov-2008
2 Siblings 0 – 4 years — Mar-2007
2 Siblings 0 – 5 years — Jul-2006
2 Siblings 0 – 6 years — Aug-2007
2 Siblings 0 – 7 years — May-2008

 So there is movement in the 5-6 and 6 year old groups.  Our dossier was approved Feb. 2008, so hopefully our call will come soon.  As I think I’ve said before, when your name comes to the top of the list, it isn’t a sure deal.  ICBF looks at many families at the same time to find the right one for each family.  So our name could be at the top for a while.  Anyway, good news.

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Passports… CHECK

Yes, Rick’s passport arrived and we are now five Americans with passports who are READY to go to Colombia to bring home our Zaza.  I want to call ICBF (the government organization who handles adoptions in Colombia) and yell in the phone, “OK, WE’RE READY!” but I don’t think that would help…. at all.

On a lighter note, I bought the cutest Easter basket (80% off) tonight for Zaza…. NOT for an Easter basket, but for the goodies.  I’ll let the boys eat the candy (it’s all lame sweet tart stuff) but here’s what was in the $4 basket for Zaza: apron, oven mitt, tiny china tea set, blender, mixer, measuring spoons, pots and pans and more that I can’t remember.  So cool!

I would have LOVED this when I was a little girl.  I remember loving my iron that REALLY held water and REALLY heated up.  Not hot enough to iron anything, but hot enough to be REAL!  And I had a REAL folding ironing board that was metal with holes just like my mom’s, with a fabric cover.  I was made to be a housewife from the get-go.  Can’t wait to play house with Zaza!

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Family News


In case you ever wonder what is going on in our family day to day that is not necessarily adoption related, please visit my regular blog:

Nothing new to report on the adoption this week from Colombia.  Here on the home front, Rick is updating his doctor’s report and getting his American passport.  I just realized tonight that he hasn’t done it yet.  (WHAT?!?)  He is now very aware of the importance of doing this promptly. :o)

Bags for Zaza is rolling right along too.  We’ve changed up the format a bit…. and have lots of high quality new donations to work with!  Check it out!

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New List from ICBF

The list just came out from ICBF with the dates of the latest adoption referrals from Colombia.  It helps us “waiters” to gauge, sort of, when we might expect a referral call.  Oh, that glorious day!  This came out on Feb. 24th, 2009:

Age of Child / Date of Application Approval by ICBF

Child 0-12 months / Sep-2005
Child 13 – 23 months / Sep-2005
Child 2 years / May-2005
Child 3 years / Feb-2005
Child 2 – 3 years / Mar-2006
Child 3 – 4 years / Apr-2005
Child 4 years / Jun-2005
Child 5 years / Jan-2006
Child 4 -5 years / Jan-2006
Child 5 – 6 years / Mar-2007
Child 6 years / Sep-2008
Child 7 years / Sep-2008

The list didn’t change much from December, as the government agencies in Colombia take holidays from Dec. 15th through Jan. 15th.  The red ones are the new ones.  But as you can see for the child who was 6 who went to their forever family…. the family’s approval date was Sept 2008.  OURS IS FEB. 2008!  So when ICBF receives our upgraded age request and makes a note in our file, the CALL COULD BE SOON!  This is good news for us.  I would love to spend July and/or August in Bogota…. instead of Phoenix, but this is not about me… right?!?

I also just figured out that I would be OK with the call coming soon.  I was freaked out about my book deadline, but even if the call came tomorrow, there is enough time for me to finish writing several weeks before we would travel.  That is of course, assuming I could concentrate on writing after receiving the referral call… which is highly unlikely.  I’ll be making lists and shopping and bribing my brother into watching our dog.   But I’m more at peace with the whole deal at the moment. <3

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