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Needing a Wardrobe

Since I’ve finished homeschooling and am impatiently waiting for Zaza, I have been making things for her.  I made a dolly and now I’m mass producing a line of clothing that will soon need its own wardrobe.  I play my Spanish cds on the laptop while I sew, and I stare at the map of Colombia above the sewing machine…. wondering what part of the country she is in.  Here’s the latest:

We can’t wait to kiss your soft cheeks, Zaza!

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God’s Picked Her Out Already

I don’t normally read the newspaper, but last week I did, probably because school is over and this homeschooling mom is a bit of a wanderer for the first few weeks of having no subjects to teach.  So, the second page of the Arizona Republic is the international news.  There was an article about Colombia that didn’t include information about the FARC, so I was drawn in.  Seems there was a natural disaster near a mountain village and 12 people were killed.  It hit me like a ton of bricks (no pun intended)…. this could be a story about Zaza’s family dying and her entry into the adoption world.  Weird, huh? 

My mind can go a bit crazy with the multitude of scenarios that might make Zaza available for adoption at five or six years old…. too many kids in a poor family, young mother without means to care for her girl, brought up by grandmother who dies, car crash leaving child an orphan…. or a natural disaster.  We just don’t know.  We might not ever know all the details, but we do know that God has her picked  out already for our family… or should I say, He has us picked out for her.  That is reassuring!

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Three Years ~ Six Months

Yes, today is three and a half years since we started our adoption journey to bring home our little Colombian princess, Zaza.  Shoot, three and a half years ago I was close to being in my thirties!!!  Rick was in his thirties!  As I’ve said numerous times, never did we think it would take this long.  People continually ask us, “What is taking so long?”  I believe that it is the very careful Colombian government that is matching the children with their forever families, for which we are thankful and will be forever grateful to.  Our part of the deal (homestudy, dossier, doctor visits, psychological study, fingerprinting, apostilling, photos, etc.) was all completed in October 2007.  We were approved as adoptive parents by Colombia in January of 2008. We have absolutely no control over the wait time… at all.

So, for the past two weeks I’ve been sewing a dolly for Zaza… to help the time pass.  I’ve been listening to my Spanish lessons on my laptop while I sew.  The dolly body is done, complete with an embroidered pink heart.  I am currently embroidering the beautiful brown eyes and ruby-red lips.  The hair is cut and sewn on ribbons, ready to be sewn on the head.  The dress and bloomers are done.  I have yet to make the apron.  The sleeping bag and pillow are cut out and awaiting the sewing machine.  Moving right along.  Waiting.  Sometimes impatiently.

That’s all for now.  Adios, amigos.

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We acquired a new-to-our-family gazebo this past week.  It inspired me to repair the cushion on the patio swing that the sun and the dog destroyed.  After the batting was exposed, every nest-building bird within 27 miles stopped in to gather white fluff for their home.  We have “no-man’s land” next to our house that has several varieties of cacti… with several varieties of birds’ nests… ALL of which contain part of our patio swing stuffing.

So as I’m in the craft store picking out replacement batting, I was sucked into the bright print cotton fabric section.  I remembered that I’ve been hoping to make a soft-body cloth dolly for Zaza with several coordinating outfits, a sleeping bag, pillow, carrying bag, etc.  The vintage muslin fabric (from my great grandmother’s sewing collection) has been tea-dyed and cut, ready for doll-body construction.  I also have collected some yellow flannel with lavender butterflies for the dolly’s pajamas…. and white flannel with sparkly fairies in pink tutus for the sleeping bag and pillow.  All the cotton prints were 30% off!  Glory be!  I got four coordinating purple fabrics for a dress, pantaloons, apron, bonnet and slip.  All for under $5!  It’s going to be darling.

After I get the new cover sewn on the patio swing (it’s all pinned in place, I’m waiting for my husband to get home and hold it while I sew it) I’m off and running on Zaza’s dolly and accessories.  It’s therapeutic to make crafty items for my little girl who is still so far away from home… and mommy and daddy… and two brothers… and a sister who has always wanted a sister.

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A Crumb of Info

Yesterday we heard that in two weeks we might hear what our new number is on the ICBF waitlist.  That’s all I have for you.  That’s all they had for me.  We were #15 in January, so here’s hoping we’re a bit closer now.

Fundraising:  We are still selling the piles of donated media from the garage on eBay, but I feel we need some fresh and new $1,000 ideas for fundraising.  Anyone?  Bueller?

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Faith is the Substance of things Hoped For

Today marks three years and five months since we started our adoption process to bring home our little Colombian princess to join our family.  Wow.  That’s a long time.  Never did we think it would take this long.  Never.  But we still have faith.  Faith in a God who instilled in us a desire to parent an orphan child who will bring joy and love into our lives.  Faith in God who is still secretly hiding the remains of our adoption funds in places we cannot see at the moment.  Faith that God never plants a dream in your heart without the plan and way to see it through.  Faith in the adoption system to carefully protect and match children with forever families.  Faith in those precious people who are caring for our little girl while we pray and wait.  Faith that Zaza is the right little girl for us and we are the right family for her!  Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.  Hebrews 11:1.

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We found out that we have moved from #23 on the waitlist in Bogota… to number 19!  YEAH!  Closely followed by a groan.  If you don’t take into consideration that families could have moved onto this list (like we did) from a younger or older list, only FOUR kids found their forever homes in three months.  Sad!  If it stays at this rate it will be another 14 months until we get the call.  SAY IT ISN’T SO!  Please pray that ICBF moves the files along FAR quicker than this!  It can happen!  We want Zaza home now!

We are pleased with progress, nonetheless.  One day closer to kissing her little cheeks!

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Media Drive $$

I did some tallying today and figured out that we have raised $996.80 through our media drive!  Isn’t that AMAZING!?!

We asked friends, neighbors and relatives if they had books, movies, music, games, whatever… lying around that they could donate toward Zaza’s adoption funds.  I have sold some of the items at a used bookstore, but mostly I’ve been selling everything on ebay!  It’s a nationwide garage sale where you make WAY more per item than a neighborhood garage sale!

Just wanted to report the good news!  Thank you to all who have sent boxes of goodies our way!  We appreciate your time and energy spent to help bring home our little girl.  And no, I’m not done selling.   There are still several boxes in the garage that are awaiting their turn to be seen on ebay.  Again, thanks!  From the depths of our hearts, THANKS!

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Minimal Minor News

The only adoption news lately is:

1.  I just bought the most darling pair of pink plaid Converse for Zaza.  Totally darling. (OK, I know.  Hurting news.)

2.  Our media drive had taken an upswing these past two weeks with several large donations and over $400 in sales on ebay this week!  Wooo Hooo!

3.  Matt continues to cook for Matt’s Meals with a Mission, where he goes to other people’s homes and cooks dinner for them.  How do you say thanks to an almost 18 year old kid who donates 75% of the money he earns to your adoption????  I can’t figure it out either.  We are humbled and blessed.  MMM has also earned over $500 so far!  Wooo Hooo!  THANKS, Matt!!!!

4.  I’ve missed the last two conference calls.  Lame, I realize.  I’ve been swamped with traveling for speaking because of my new book release, and I haven’t even called to make a “new information call” appointment.  THIS week it will happen!  I promise.

5.  Sad news:  we did find out that if we don’t get our referral call by Nov. 3rd, Zaza will spend yet another Christmas in Colombia…. while I cry again  putting the kids’ ornaments on the tree.  :o( 

But it could happen!  We serve a BIG God.  It’s all in His capable hands and we’re resting in His timing.

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NO Typhoid Shots!!!!!!!!!


lala and zaza 

Lala and a little girl from Mexico….. something like Zaza will look like!

No Typhoid shots is very good news…… to be exact…. $525 worth of good news.  I had a chat with our case worker, Beth, yesterday.  She answered some of my 3 bazillion questions(that I could remember while on the phone.)  I’m sure she probably checked how old I am when we hung up…..    he he he.  There were several noteworthy tidbits that were promising to us:

1.  No typhoid shots needed!  And all the Crosbys said…. “AMEN!”

2.  Very few adoptions have happened lately out of Bogota.  Which means, Zaza is most likely in a different region…. which is GOOD!  They are usually two weeks quicker processing the court documents… AND it’s cheaperto stay anywhere other than Bogota.  (No matter what region Zaza is in, we still have to stay the last week in Bogota for the US Embassy dealings.)  This also translates to less room/board expenses while in Colombia.  Yeah!

3.  We find out our new wait number after the 3rd week of August.

4.  There is a longer preparation time than I was originally told from when we accept the referral to when we travel.  That calmed my nerves quite drastically.  We will have a month to prepare to leave.

5.  No typhoid shots!!!!!!

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