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We Actually Got News!

Yes, it’s true.  We found out we are number TEN on the waitlist for 5-6 year olds at ICBF in Bogota, Colombia.  That is great news.  From last July to January, we were moving up the list at four places every three months…. then we hit 2010 and it slowed a bit…. We moved five spaces in five months.  Hopefully things will speed up this summer!  Less kids go home in January than any other month…. well, probably tied with December.

It’s not exactly like the number placement is a sure thing either.  We moved onto the 5-6 year old list (from the 3-5 year old list) and moved right into our acceptance date position…. moving everyone down a number who was approved after January 2008.  Also, if any families join the list who have Colombian descent, they move to the top. 

Here is an explanation from our case worker as to what happens next:  “once your dossier at the top of the list it is transferred to a regional ICBF office to be matched to the child at the regional committee meeting.  Then the referral paperwork is processed, sent to the translator, and then finally is sent to me.  As soon as I have it I will be giving you a call, but from the time the dossier is sent to region to the time we have the referral is an additional 30-60 days I would estimate.”

So there you have it.

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YES!  We found out today that we are number 23 on the wait list for 5-6 year old girls in Bogota!  Whooooooo HOooooooo!  I immediately thought of all the things I have to do before she comes home:  paint her dresser drawers, sand and paint her bedside table, find a Barbie house, buy a bedspread, get our shots and move Keeve out of her room!  Keeve has been sleeping in the purple bed for over a year now.  It’s really quite girly, but he’s embraced his manhood in the buttery yellow room!  hahaha

T W E N T Y – T H R E E !  !  !    Hard to believe.  When I called Rick and told him and I could hear his heart rate speed up.  He’s going to be a big pile of mush with another little girl to love on.  O.K., gotta run….. and paint something!

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