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Her Name is Beautiful!

We got THE call this morning!  Our girl is gorgeous!  She is so perfect, I cannot even tell you!  She just turned seven and no, she doesn’t have all her baby teeth, but I’m OK with that.  The only measurements we have are a year old, so we asked for new sizes!  I think all the size 5 clothes might work!  Bonus!  And her name is beautiful…. and it means light.  Perfect. 

I’m exhausted and thrilled and teary and overjoyed and overwhelmed and giddy and I keep staring at this darling little face on the computer screen!

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A Crumb of Info

Yesterday we heard that in two weeks we might hear what our new number is on the ICBF waitlist.  That’s all I have for you.  That’s all they had for me.  We were #15 in January, so here’s hoping we’re a bit closer now.

Fundraising:  We are still selling the piles of donated media from the garage on eBay, but I feel we need some fresh and new $1,000 ideas for fundraising.  Anyone?  Bueller?

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Three posts in a row…. unbelievable.

I talked to Beth, our case worker today and actually got some hard facts!  It’s the first news we’ve heard since Feb. 2008!  And I’m not typically a patient person, so imagine the duress I’ve been under for the past 14 months!  (Not really.)  Anyway…. the bad/disappointing news is that we are still only on the 3-4 year old list.  We sent in our request to be moved to the 3-6 year old list  a few months back… but alas, our file in Bogota has not been updated to show this.  So, as this time, there are 2000 families on the 3-4 year old list and we are #155.  They are placing 10-15 children per month, so that would put us at a referral summer of 2010.  Good grief.  BUUUUT, once we are moved to the higher age bracket, the number of families decreases and our place in line (Feb. 2008) stays the same.  So our wait time will be dramatically shortened. Yippy Skippy.

As far as paperwork expiring in that time, we are good until summer of 2010.  So we shouldn’t have to refile our I600A.  We will have to update the normal finance/work/health papers so they are current when we travel.

I’m feeling the need to take a Spanish class!

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Time Flies!

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