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Neighborhood Group Garage Sale Report

Our neighborhood group from our church, CCV, is awesome!  They came together and put on one supremely successful garage sale to help with our adoption funds!  So far we have raised $1,675!! And we pulled out a bunch (meaning 200 pieces) of designer clothing that is being consigned tomorrow.  That should bring in several hundred more dollars to put the total over $2,000!!!  The date that was chosen for the sale was during my annual scrapbooking retreat… so I wasn’t even around!!!  The troops turned out en masse and took care of everything!  We are so blessed to be surrounded with such supportive friends!

Thank you!!!  Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

(I realize I ended almost every sentence with an exclamation mark, but I needed to exclaim how wonderful our group is!)

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Minimal Minor News

The only adoption news lately is:

1.  I just bought the most darling pair of pink plaid Converse for Zaza.  Totally darling. (OK, I know.  Hurting news.)

2.  Our media drive had taken an upswing these past two weeks with several large donations and over $400 in sales on ebay this week!  Wooo Hooo!

3.  Matt continues to cook for Matt’s Meals with a Mission, where he goes to other people’s homes and cooks dinner for them.  How do you say thanks to an almost 18 year old kid who donates 75% of the money he earns to your adoption????  I can’t figure it out either.  We are humbled and blessed.  MMM has also earned over $500 so far!  Wooo Hooo!  THANKS, Matt!!!!

4.  I’ve missed the last two conference calls.  Lame, I realize.  I’ve been swamped with traveling for speaking because of my new book release, and I haven’t even called to make a “new information call” appointment.  THIS week it will happen!  I promise.

5.  Sad news:  we did find out that if we don’t get our referral call by Nov. 3rd, Zaza will spend yet another Christmas in Colombia…. while I cry again  putting the kids’ ornaments on the tree.  :o( 

But it could happen!  We serve a BIG God.  It’s all in His capable hands and we’re resting in His timing.

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