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We Got Our Regional Assignment!

There it is…. Valle del Cauca.  Which means Zaza could be in Cali, which is what I have been praying for.  Fellow Gladney mom, Kelly, was in Cali last week picking up her darling GG.  Kelly’s entire Colombian stay was three weeks to the day!  She comes home tonight from Bogota.  She reported the courts in Cali are fast, as well as the attorney is professional and speedy too.  YES! 

Of course, my beach-loving 16-year-old took one look at the regional map and is hoping for Buenaventura….right on the BEACH! 

This is so exciting…. but still doesn’t tell us all the little details I’m earnestly awaiting…. like her NAME!  And her size.  And does she have dimples?  And does she have all her baby teeth still?  And how old is she?  I’m not very good at waiting.

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We Actually Got News!

Yes, it’s true.  We found out we are number TEN on the waitlist for 5-6 year olds at ICBF in Bogota, Colombia.  That is great news.  From last July to January, we were moving up the list at four places every three months…. then we hit 2010 and it slowed a bit…. We moved five spaces in five months.  Hopefully things will speed up this summer!  Less kids go home in January than any other month…. well, probably tied with December.

It’s not exactly like the number placement is a sure thing either.  We moved onto the 5-6 year old list (from the 3-5 year old list) and moved right into our acceptance date position…. moving everyone down a number who was approved after January 2008.  Also, if any families join the list who have Colombian descent, they move to the top. 

Here is an explanation from our case worker as to what happens next:  “once your dossier at the top of the list it is transferred to a regional ICBF office to be matched to the child at the regional committee meeting.  Then the referral paperwork is processed, sent to the translator, and then finally is sent to me.  As soon as I have it I will be giving you a call, but from the time the dossier is sent to region to the time we have the referral is an additional 30-60 days I would estimate.”

So there you have it.

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Three Years ~ Six Months

Yes, today is three and a half years since we started our adoption journey to bring home our little Colombian princess, Zaza.  Shoot, three and a half years ago I was close to being in my thirties!!!  Rick was in his thirties!  As I’ve said numerous times, never did we think it would take this long.  People continually ask us, “What is taking so long?”  I believe that it is the very careful Colombian government that is matching the children with their forever families, for which we are thankful and will be forever grateful to.  Our part of the deal (homestudy, dossier, doctor visits, psychological study, fingerprinting, apostilling, photos, etc.) was all completed in October 2007.  We were approved as adoptive parents by Colombia in January of 2008. We have absolutely no control over the wait time… at all.

So, for the past two weeks I’ve been sewing a dolly for Zaza… to help the time pass.  I’ve been listening to my Spanish lessons on my laptop while I sew.  The dolly body is done, complete with an embroidered pink heart.  I am currently embroidering the beautiful brown eyes and ruby-red lips.  The hair is cut and sewn on ribbons, ready to be sewn on the head.  The dress and bloomers are done.  I have yet to make the apron.  The sleeping bag and pillow are cut out and awaiting the sewing machine.  Moving right along.  Waiting.  Sometimes impatiently.

That’s all for now.  Adios, amigos.

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We found out that we have moved from #23 on the waitlist in Bogota… to number 19!  YEAH!  Closely followed by a groan.  If you don’t take into consideration that families could have moved onto this list (like we did) from a younger or older list, only FOUR kids found their forever homes in three months.  Sad!  If it stays at this rate it will be another 14 months until we get the call.  SAY IT ISN’T SO!  Please pray that ICBF moves the files along FAR quicker than this!  It can happen!  We want Zaza home now!

We are pleased with progress, nonetheless.  One day closer to kissing her little cheeks!

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Media Drive $$

I did some tallying today and figured out that we have raised $996.80 through our media drive!  Isn’t that AMAZING!?!

We asked friends, neighbors and relatives if they had books, movies, music, games, whatever… lying around that they could donate toward Zaza’s adoption funds.  I have sold some of the items at a used bookstore, but mostly I’ve been selling everything on ebay!  It’s a nationwide garage sale where you make WAY more per item than a neighborhood garage sale!

Just wanted to report the good news!  Thank you to all who have sent boxes of goodies our way!  We appreciate your time and energy spent to help bring home our little girl.  And no, I’m not done selling.   There are still several boxes in the garage that are awaiting their turn to be seen on ebay.  Again, thanks!  From the depths of our hearts, THANKS!

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I’m a Dork

I thought I might have some adoption news, even general Colombian news, last week, but no.  I’m a dork.  There was a conference call scheduled but I did the time change in the wrong direction and missed it by four hours.  DUH!  So, no news.  And in the case of waiting adoptive parents, no news is not good news.  WE WANT NEWS!  Good news.  We still don’t know where we stand in line on the 5-6 year old list at ICBF in Bogota.

Interestingly enough, I had my second adoption dream of my life.  You’d think I would have more with how consumed my thinking time is with our little Zaza, Colombia and adoption in general.  The first dream was in 1988 (of a dark haired little princess!)  Yesterday, during naptime, I dreamt that we were traveling to Colombia this September!  I pray it was a prophetic dream, not a nacho-chili-cheese dream.  ;o}  Stay tuned for REAL news. 

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The Paper is in My Hand!

Yesterday we received our “Notice of Favorable Determination Concerning Application for Advance Processing of Orphan Petition I-600A Extension” or the I-171H form.   Whooooo HOoooo.  We are now approved by our government until August 27, 2010!  (Dear Lord, Let it be in 2009! Amen.)  Our fingerprints expire AGAIN on September 12, 2009.  That will not be an issue if we travel soon!

News from Bogota:  Gladney’s attorney has been awaiting an appointment with the gentleman at ICBF to get the update on our place in line on the waitlist for 5-6 year olds.  I understand he has been on ‘vacaciones’ and is supposed to be back in the office today for tomorrow.  So we will have a number soon!

I’m officially ready for our referral phone call.

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A Visit with the USCIS Office

I ranted and raved today with an adoption story on my regular blog:  Go check it out.  :o)

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