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I’ll be there for You!

Today I went to lunch with a girlfriend who is also an adoptive mom.  She told me her “gotch ya” stories and I almost burst into tears each time when she received her babies!  It is so awesome how God brings families together.  I love to hear each story!  Somewhere throughout our conversation, I told her about a group of adoption maniacs who all live in Tennessee.  (You know who you are!) I read their blogs and have become friends with them.  I am supremely envious when each of their new babies have come home in the past six months from Colombia, China and Ethiopia… and they ALL go to the airport to celebrate the homecoming of a newly adopted child.  It’s awesome!  Anyway, my friend promised me that she would come to the airport even if we come home at 3:00 in the morning!  So sweet.  Made me want to cry again!  So thankful for supportive friends!

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Our FBI Prints are BACK!

WOW!  That only took six business days!  I was expecting W-A-Y longer.  I still have to send them off to West Virginia for the apostille, but still this was one quick return!  Hip hip hooray for the FBI!

One week from today is THIRTY DAYS after our file was sent to Valle del Cauca!!!!!  Our referral could come starting next MONDAY!  Bring it on, baby!

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I’m Losing Sleep

This is exactly like the end of a pregnancy…. I wake up and my mind goes CRAZY!  And I can’t go back to sleep.  I’m just not going to the bathroom every twenty minutes like big-belly pregnancy

We are exactly one week from the 30-day mark from when our file left ICBF and was sent to Valle del Cauca.  We’ve been told we will get the referral call within 30-60 days.  That could be NEXT WEEK!  After all this waiting for almost four years…. you’d think I’d be plenty ready.  But I’m all jittery and anxious and restless.  The heightened anxiety level has completely erased the minimal Spanish that I knew only a month ago.  I’m not sure what to do about that.  I think it’s too late for ginkgo biloba!   Ha ha!

I’ve finished Zaza’s tea-table and it has three coats of minwax for protection.  It probably needs about eight coats!  Not wanting the painting and decorating to end… I bought a little seat from an adult vanity.  I’m going to turn it into a sink and stove top for Zaza’s little kitchen in her room.  I need to keep these hands busy!!!

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It Hit Me Today

I’m going to have a five-or-six year old little girl in as little as two-and-a-half months!! Forever!  Not just for the holidays!  She’ll be ours and we’ll be hers FOREVER!  How in the world did God pick us for this?  We have dirty blinds…. and a messy garage… and a car in the driveway that should be in a ghetto…. and sometimes we’re all grouchy on the same day… and there are days when the fridge is empty… and the dog barely gets fed … and we are nerdy sometimes….  and loud… REALLY loud… and late for church… and we lose library books.  I’m starting to think they didn’t ask the right questions during the homestudy, because I’m not feeling real ready for this.

But we have love.  Lots of love and lots of laughs.  And the Lord.  I think that is all we need to be ready.  Three L’s.  I’m down with this.

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A Crumb of Info

Yesterday we heard that in two weeks we might hear what our new number is on the ICBF waitlist.  That’s all I have for you.  That’s all they had for me.  We were #15 in January, so here’s hoping we’re a bit closer now.

Fundraising:  We are still selling the piles of donated media from the garage on eBay, but I feel we need some fresh and new $1,000 ideas for fundraising.  Anyone?  Bueller?

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Minimal Minor News

The only adoption news lately is:

1.  I just bought the most darling pair of pink plaid Converse for Zaza.  Totally darling. (OK, I know.  Hurting news.)

2.  Our media drive had taken an upswing these past two weeks with several large donations and over $400 in sales on ebay this week!  Wooo Hooo!

3.  Matt continues to cook for Matt’s Meals with a Mission, where he goes to other people’s homes and cooks dinner for them.  How do you say thanks to an almost 18 year old kid who donates 75% of the money he earns to your adoption????  I can’t figure it out either.  We are humbled and blessed.  MMM has also earned over $500 so far!  Wooo Hooo!  THANKS, Matt!!!!

4.  I’ve missed the last two conference calls.  Lame, I realize.  I’ve been swamped with traveling for speaking because of my new book release, and I haven’t even called to make a “new information call” appointment.  THIS week it will happen!  I promise.

5.  Sad news:  we did find out that if we don’t get our referral call by Nov. 3rd, Zaza will spend yet another Christmas in Colombia…. while I cry again  putting the kids’ ornaments on the tree.  :o( 

But it could happen!  We serve a BIG God.  It’s all in His capable hands and we’re resting in His timing.

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There’s Been Movement!

We received an email today saying “your petition was approved and they are moving your dossier.”  Which means that our file was moved from the 3-4 year old list to the 5-6 year old list.  Which is GREAT news.  Our case worker is working on finding out what number we are on the new list.  We were #155 out of 2,000 waiting families.  So if you are on the 2,000-long 3-4 year old list, you just moved up a place!


I’ve been re-reading adoption books and just finished the one about making a Lifebook for our girl.  What a fabulous idea.  I want to run out and buy a binder and a box of plastic sleeves RIGHT NOW!  There are plenty of pages that can be done ahead of time which is also a fabulous idea… because my “free” time will be severely limited after our trip to Colombia.  I think it is so important for kids to know as much about their own history as is appropriate for their age.  I’ve known adoptive families who “didn’t have the heart” to tell their child they were adopted.  I just don’t get that.  Hopefully it’s just old school and isn’t as prevalent these days.

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Adoption Scrapbook

This last weekend I was at a scrapbooking extravaganza working on the album that we are to send to Zaza once we accept her referral.  I have been taking various pictures of our life for this book for over a year.  If it’s a common event in the Crosby household, it’s in the book…. Taco Bell included. 

My house was totally clean a while back when we had out of town guests coming for a week.  So I took the opportunity and photographed every room.  As I was putting them in the scrapbook, I realized that Zaza will probably never see the rooms this clean.  I should really take pictures TODAY…. then it will all look familiar when she walks in.

I left lots of room for the Spanish translations to be added to the pages.. and I didn’t actually write that much.  It was hard for me not to include pictures of my sister’s family and Rick’s brother’s family, but they don’t live close… at all… and only Phoenix is in the book.  It’s hard to believe that this little 8″x10″ book will be Zaza’s introduction to her forever family… but I am glad that they request it.   How do you show fun and love in a bunch of pictures?  Anyway, it’s done and I won’t need to worry about it when the referral call comes.  The only page I left blank was the first one because I want an up-to-date family photo.  I never know what crazy hairdos could emerge before we leave for Colombia.

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Three posts in a row…. unbelievable.

I talked to Beth, our case worker today and actually got some hard facts!  It’s the first news we’ve heard since Feb. 2008!  And I’m not typically a patient person, so imagine the duress I’ve been under for the past 14 months!  (Not really.)  Anyway…. the bad/disappointing news is that we are still only on the 3-4 year old list.  We sent in our request to be moved to the 3-6 year old list  a few months back… but alas, our file in Bogota has not been updated to show this.  So, as this time, there are 2000 families on the 3-4 year old list and we are #155.  They are placing 10-15 children per month, so that would put us at a referral summer of 2010.  Good grief.  BUUUUT, once we are moved to the higher age bracket, the number of families decreases and our place in line (Feb. 2008) stays the same.  So our wait time will be dramatically shortened. Yippy Skippy.

As far as paperwork expiring in that time, we are good until summer of 2010.  So we shouldn’t have to refile our I600A.  We will have to update the normal finance/work/health papers so they are current when we travel.

I’m feeling the need to take a Spanish class!

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Wow! Posts Two Days in a Row!

The new list from ICBF was posted and I thought I would share.  This is copied from a GREAT blog by a mom who has adopted from Colombia, and I believe her husband is Colombian.  Her blog is:

The most recent Wait List was published by ICBF on April 8, 2009. The ICBF Wait List applies to adoptions through ICBF only — not through CASAS PRIVADAS. This list DOES NOT reflect special needs children. The definition of special needs are children with disabilities, children over 8 years of age, and sibling groups of 3 or more. There also hasn’t been a lot of movement since December, all dates that have advanced are in BOLD and RED.

Age of Child ——- Date of Application Approval by ICBF

Child 0-12 months —— Nov-2005
Child 13 – 23 months —- Nov-2005
Child 2 years ———– May-2005
Child 3 years ———– May-2005
Child 2 – 3 years ——– Mar-2006
Child 3 – 4 years ——– May-2005
Child 4 years ———– Jul-2005
Child 5 years ———– Jan-2006
Child 4 -5 years ——– Jan-2006
Child 5 – 6 years ——- May-2007
Child 6 years ———– Nov-2008
Child 7 years ———– Nov-2008
2 Siblings 0 – 4 years — Mar-2007
2 Siblings 0 – 5 years — Jul-2006
2 Siblings 0 – 6 years — Aug-2007
2 Siblings 0 – 7 years — May-2008

 So there is movement in the 5-6 and 6 year old groups.  Our dossier was approved Feb. 2008, so hopefully our call will come soon.  As I think I’ve said before, when your name comes to the top of the list, it isn’t a sure deal.  ICBF looks at many families at the same time to find the right one for each family.  So our name could be at the top for a while.  Anyway, good news.

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