Three Months Home

March 27, 2011 rixgal

Yes, it’s been three months that we’ve been home from Colombia with Nora.  It seems like WAY longer.  They (the adoption people) told us that it would be four months when she started speaking English.  Well, counting the one month IN Colombia, we are at four months, and they were right.  She is mostly speaking English now, with a decidedly Spanish accent.

Just last night we had a major breakthrough with her opening up to me and talking about her previous life for the first time.  She talked non-stop for over 2 hours including a trip in and out of the bathtub.  What a blessing that we have earned her trust.  What a LOT for a little girl to shoulder and NOT talk about for over 18 months!  She is a trooper and I know that our prayers for the last four years protected her.

We have a neighborhood shopping mall that is searching for local kids to do their next advertising campaign, so we took our kids.  Hey, if they can work for a living at these ages, BONUS!  Out of our four kids, Nora is such a natural, tilting her head slightly and smiling so sweetly.  We’ll see!!

Blessings to all those still waiting for your angels to be in your arms!

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