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Yesterday, January 22, 2011, marks ONE MONTH that Nora has been home with us.  It seems so much longer!  She has adjusted so well!  In our adoption training, I think they gave us several worse case scenarios, which left us apprehensive.  However, with those horror scenes in mind, our transition time has been wonderful.  We were warned of troubles sleeping and eating, which are the two biggies for kids who change cultures.  But Nora has slept well since day number one, in her own bed with hardly a blip on the radar.  There are foods she likes a lot (chicken, beef, garlic mashed potatoes and pineapple) and foods that she will eat, but are not her favorite (spaghetti, lasagna, and green salad).  We think she was slightly addicted to salt and sugar.  She asked to add them to everything!  I mean everything!  That has been put to rest along with her coffee drinking.  I still heat her milk for her each morning, but it now has chocolate Ovaltine…. like warm cocoa in the morning.  :o)

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Neglect Warning!

Yes, I’ve neglected this blog.  Not that adoption work is over…. at all.  We just started our re-adoption in the State of Arizona this week.  It includes, but I’m sure is not limited to: new doctor physicals, new sets of fingerprints, court filing, more cashola, four home visits, five family photos ready at each visit and more paper work.  Why do we bother?  Because the courts in Cali wouldn’t let us change Nora’s name to the name we chose.  In Colombia the children take both the mother and father’s last names.  So the name Nikander has risen again in my life.  I thought I put it to rest 23 3/4 years ago!  But no!  Also, Nora will end up with an AZ birth certificate… WAY more easily attainable when you need original copies.  There will also be an adoption trail of court papers in America.  I’m told we will be thankful for that one day.  In AZ, the child has to be in your home for six months before the case goes before a judge.  So we’re looking at July or August for Nora’s name to be officially changed.  She doesn’t know that it isn’t Nora Linda Crosby at this time……  that’s all we’ve told her since more confusion was not necessary!  So off we go…. for more fun and paper work!

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Time Flies!

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