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I Finished Zaza’s Dolly

I wrote the whole description at my other blog:

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Three Years ~ Six Months

Yes, today is three and a half years since we started our adoption journey to bring home our little Colombian princess, Zaza.  Shoot, three and a half years ago I was close to being in my thirties!!!  Rick was in his thirties!  As I’ve said numerous times, never did we think it would take this long.  People continually ask us, “What is taking so long?”  I believe that it is the very careful Colombian government that is matching the children with their forever families, for which we are thankful and will be forever grateful to.  Our part of the deal (homestudy, dossier, doctor visits, psychological study, fingerprinting, apostilling, photos, etc.) was all completed in October 2007.  We were approved as adoptive parents by Colombia in January of 2008. We have absolutely no control over the wait time… at all.

So, for the past two weeks I’ve been sewing a dolly for Zaza… to help the time pass.  I’ve been listening to my Spanish lessons on my laptop while I sew.  The dolly body is done, complete with an embroidered pink heart.  I am currently embroidering the beautiful brown eyes and ruby-red lips.  The hair is cut and sewn on ribbons, ready to be sewn on the head.  The dress and bloomers are done.  I have yet to make the apron.  The sleeping bag and pillow are cut out and awaiting the sewing machine.  Moving right along.  Waiting.  Sometimes impatiently.

That’s all for now.  Adios, amigos.

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Yesterday was May 17th… the day we were supposed to hear news of our new number on the wait list in Bogota.  But, nada.  I was informed that we will be given the information as soon as it lands state-side.  I’ll keep you posted, of course.

I’m really leaning toward taking the Conversational Spanish course at the community college this summer.  I can audit if for 1/3 of the cost.  Why in the world would I ever need more college credits????  I haven’t even had a resume for 15 years… .and I don’t see the need for one coming anytime soon.  But I do feel the need to improve mi espaniol so I can speak to Zaza.  I need it in a big hurry.  More later.

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We acquired a new-to-our-family gazebo this past week.  It inspired me to repair the cushion on the patio swing that the sun and the dog destroyed.  After the batting was exposed, every nest-building bird within 27 miles stopped in to gather white fluff for their home.  We have “no-man’s land” next to our house that has several varieties of cacti… with several varieties of birds’ nests… ALL of which contain part of our patio swing stuffing.

So as I’m in the craft store picking out replacement batting, I was sucked into the bright print cotton fabric section.  I remembered that I’ve been hoping to make a soft-body cloth dolly for Zaza with several coordinating outfits, a sleeping bag, pillow, carrying bag, etc.  The vintage muslin fabric (from my great grandmother’s sewing collection) has been tea-dyed and cut, ready for doll-body construction.  I also have collected some yellow flannel with lavender butterflies for the dolly’s pajamas…. and white flannel with sparkly fairies in pink tutus for the sleeping bag and pillow.  All the cotton prints were 30% off!  Glory be!  I got four coordinating purple fabrics for a dress, pantaloons, apron, bonnet and slip.  All for under $5!  It’s going to be darling.

After I get the new cover sewn on the patio swing (it’s all pinned in place, I’m waiting for my husband to get home and hold it while I sew it) I’m off and running on Zaza’s dolly and accessories.  It’s therapeutic to make crafty items for my little girl who is still so far away from home… and mommy and daddy… and two brothers… and a sister who has always wanted a sister.

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A Crumb of Info

Yesterday we heard that in two weeks we might hear what our new number is on the ICBF waitlist.  That’s all I have for you.  That’s all they had for me.  We were #15 in January, so here’s hoping we’re a bit closer now.

Fundraising:  We are still selling the piles of donated media from the garage on eBay, but I feel we need some fresh and new $1,000 ideas for fundraising.  Anyone?  Bueller?

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Time Flies!

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