Passports… CHECK

April 16, 2009 rixgal
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Yes, Rick’s passport arrived and we are now five Americans with passports who are READY to go to Colombia to bring home our Zaza.  I want to call ICBF (the government organization who handles adoptions in Colombia) and yell in the phone, “OK, WE’RE READY!” but I don’t think that would help…. at all.

On a lighter note, I bought the cutest Easter basket (80% off) tonight for Zaza…. NOT for an Easter basket, but for the goodies.  I’ll let the boys eat the candy (it’s all lame sweet tart stuff) but here’s what was in the $4 basket for Zaza: apron, oven mitt, tiny china tea set, blender, mixer, measuring spoons, pots and pans and more that I can’t remember.  So cool!

I would have LOVED this when I was a little girl.  I remember loving my iron that REALLY held water and REALLY heated up.  Not hot enough to iron anything, but hot enough to be REAL!  And I had a REAL folding ironing board that was metal with holes just like my mom’s, with a fabric cover.  I was made to be a housewife from the get-go.  Can’t wait to play house with Zaza!

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